Ability does not equal desire.

Alright. I’ll come out and say it. I’m a reasonably smart person. I’m not a genius and I’ll never be asked to join Mensa. But I’m still above the national average.

Now most people greet this with envy. Oh how it must be so nice to be so smart. How they wish they were as smart.

Don’t. Really. Don’t.

There is a problem with being a smart person. Especially if you value having any time to yourself. That being, people expect you to do things you really don’t want to do.

One of the things I hear a lot. I mean a LOT. “You’re so smart and you’re so good at this, why don’t you do this as a career?” or “Why won’t you go to school for this?”

The simple answer is I do not WANT to do these things. Yes, I can do a lot of things. But just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I like doing it. In some cases, the thing I’m good at, I downright hate doing. I mean I really hate it.  The worst part is just because I can do it, many expect me to be perfectly okay in doing it for them.

Bookkeeping. I’m good at it. Some would say I’m great at it. I can pound through numbers and make shit balance like there’s no tomorrow. I. Fucking. Hate. It. I find it tedious, soul draining, and stress inducing. But yet many keep trying to push me in that direction even when I keep digging in my heels and veering off to some other tangent.  One can almost hear the screaming as I run off into the sunset.

Computers. I was decent enough at it. I managed to get a job on the Geek Squad and not get fired for being incompetent. In fact, my bosses in general considered me a valuable part of the team. However, even months after I quit that job, I cringe and die a little inside when someone tells me they’re having a problem with their computer.

Some in my family shook their heads in disappointment when they found out I took a job as a security guard. A waste of my intelligence, they say. Perhaps they’re right. But I know I was sent to my post because I was intelligent and had experience in things that required intelligence. I was hired at that post because of my intelligence. And the job I’m doing requires a great deal of memorization, computer handling, and sometimes some very important decision-making. It’s not perfect. No job is perfect. But it’s far less stressful than a lot of jobs I’ve held. I have awesome coworkers that I get along with amazingly well. And I can advance if I’m diligent and stick with it.

Yes, I could do jobs that pay more. But the higher pay doesn’t really make it worth it. If I’m going to spend most of my waking time doing something, I want it to be something that doesn’t make me want to hang myself from the nearest tree.

Sexism in and about work

What I find intriguing is nearly all of the sexism I get aimed at me concerning my work doesn’t come from my coworkers. What little I did get from coworkers was either not serious and intentionally trying to rile me up, ie “You hit hard for a broad!”

Or well meaning but head shake worthy all the same. “Oh sorry. This is a guy conversation. I mean, we’re talking about taking a crap, and you’d probably be offended…”

I find those moments amusing and probably not as offensive as many women would.

The outside sources are far more frustrating and serious. While I was working on the Geek Squad, more than once I was faced with comments like…

“You don’t look like a geek. You’re too pretty.”

“Are you sure I shouldn’t talk to one of the guys?”

“Oh they put a pretty smile out front to appease the masses. Now go back there and find me a real geek.”

Directed at my supervisor “Does she know as much as the guys?”

To my supervisor’s credit, he was always extremely excellent in handling these issues. Once, after he assured the customer that I was quite capable of doing my job, he hid in the back so he wouldn’t have to testify in court just in case I went over the counter and clobbered the dude. I think he was secretly hoping I would do just that.

Now, with my new job, the sexism I get is a bit different. I don’t deal with customers or clients much. It’s from people who find out exactly what I do for a living. The most common one?

“Are you sure you feel safe doing that and being a woman?”

Now, since I took up being a security guard, I could understand the first part of that question. “Are you sure you feel safe doing that?” Yes, that’s a perfectly valid question. If you didn’t know I worked at a private boarding school during the midnight shift and the most action I see is the local wildlife, then yes, it’s a completely legit question.

What I want to know is why “and being a woman” has to be thrown in there?

The other one I get a lot is “Oh, so they must have you doing dispatch.”

They assume because I’m female, I must be tucked safely away in the office where nobody can possibly harm me.

I hate this. I hate that my sexuality makes me immediately judged as somehow being inferior for my job when most of those doing the judging have no fucking idea what my job actually is. I hate that because I was born with my lumps on my chest instead of in my crotch, I am looked at with confusion and concern when I say I work a security job and I actually do patrols.

Why does “Being a woman” need to be included in whether or not I can make sure doors and windows are locked?

What’s even more frustrating is when I get this from other women. I want to shake them and explain to them why this very mindset of theirs is making it difficult for future generations of women to be seen as equals.

We cannot expect others to see us as equals until we see ourselves as equals. I am not inferior. I am not a target. I am not a victim. I am a human. Treat me as one.

My soul on paper


My friends know I draw sometimes. They also know it’s rather sporadic and sometimes infrequent when I do.

I’ve struggled to explain this. Perhaps it’s the depression. Maybe I just need inspiration. Maybe this. Maybe that. I really don’t know what it is that provokes my brain into wanting to draw.

But I sure as fuck know what makes me stop.

I find I am loathe to share my work on many forms of social media anymore. Every time I do, someone asks me to draw something for them.

No. I do not want to.

When I draw or paint, it is for me. I’m doing it because I alone want this. Sometimes I will give my work to someone else, but it’s because I wanted to.

While many would think I’m handing over just a piece of paper, I’m really giving away a piece of myself. To ask me to just give away a part of myself so easily and lightly makes that part of me shrink and withdraw into a dark corner. I never know for how long it will remain there.

I’m not wanting money. I just want to be able to share these bits of my soul without others demanding I give a part to them.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Ok. So my new job is full time, but they don’t offer health insurance because of the Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. *sigh* Fine. So I signed up on the website before the deadline (barely) and went through those hoops. Thankfully that part was relatively painless and I was able to get a decent (albeit an HMO) plan, minus the tax credit, that cost me about $70 a month.

Humana sent me my plan card. Since I’m on an HMO, they had designated me a Primary Care Physician. Ok, fine. Not like I had anyone I was particularly attached to. However, this dude was located in downtown Detroit. Fuuuuck that noise. So I checked to see how I could change my PCP (please see above, I’m not on drugs) to someone closer. I had to scan through the FAQ’s for a bit, but I found it, and was able to find a doctor through their website who was nearby and seemed like a decent fit. I called the insurance company and got my PCP changed over.

Fast forward to today. I called the office to see about setting up an appointment. They ever so rudely informed me “We don’t take your HMO. We don’t know why Humana insists on keeping us on there for that. You’ll have to find someone else. *click*” Ok… and a merry fuck you too.

Now, the insurance company had told me that because there was some confusion and chaos involving the PCP’s, they were not being particularly strict about who I went to see, as long as they were within my HMO network. Ok. Fine. So I found another doctor with another office that was also nearby. I then called them and asked if they took my insurance. Yes? Great! While making my appointment I explained what I was dealing with and how long it had been since I’d seen a doctor for much of anything. She nearly dropped the phone.

What? Is six years a long time? Huh.

Called Humana and got my PCP changed yet again. I told them what happened when I called the previous office to make an appointment, that I had already found another doctor, and that I had an appointment. The rep was rather impressed that I had already done that much before calling and apologized that I had to deal with such a rude person in my attempt to seek some attention to my physical well being.

My appointment isn’t for nearly a month, but I had asked specifically for a Monday since that’s my only weekday I have off. I’d rather use my day off for daytime appointments since the rest of the week I should be sleeping during the daywalker hours.

Also, I have come to the conclusion that if you agree to take the survey while they’re directing your call, you get through a LOT faster and the reps are ever so much more pleasant and helpful.

Spring? Maybe?

IMAG0076 Spring is here… sorta.

The signs are all there. Flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. Frogs are waking the dead each evening with their cacophonous voices. Despite the mid-April snowfall, it’s all melted away. The days are getting longer.

So why does it not feel like spring?

Probably because day after day I keep waking up to see a cloud-covered and sunless sky. Perhaps it’s because I still need to wear tights under my pants while I’m walking around outside doing my job.

Oh, for those who are keeping up with those things, I ended up taking a job as an overnight security guard at a boarding school. It’s full time, so it all works out.

I have realized that the state I live in essentially spends half of it’s year in winter. For someone who loathes winter, cold, and snow, this is not an ideal situation. So why do I keep coming back?

The people.

My friends and most of my family all are in this general region. While I was off living somewhere far warming, all I could think about some days was how homesick I was and how badly I wanted to come back. Of course, I mainly wanted to visit in the summer, but still, I wanted to come back to see those I love.

The things I suffer through for those I love.

Life changes

So I decided to make a change in my life.  It’s a big change, but not an uncommon one.

I decided it was time to find a new job.

I suppose it would seem strange.  I worked my ass off for a year to reach my current position.   Once in the position, I was happy as a clam.  However, I thought it would be a good idea to transfer to a location closer to home to save on gas money.  A month later, I would rather slit my own throat than go into that buildings some days.

I have discovered that part of a good job isn’t just the job you do, but who you do the job with.  You could have the most awesome job in the world, but if your coworkers suck and make you feel about as welcome as a venereal disease, then it’s just not very awesome anymore.

I thought I just wanted the job itself when I was working so hard to get it.  Admittedly, it was a better job than the one I had.  But now I see it wasn’t so much the job, but the people I would be surrounded by.  The job itself?  Really not all that spectacular.  But I wanted to be a part of THAT group.  I wanted to join and be a part of a team that I thought was just awesome.  And when I did finally join them, they made me feel like I was meant to be there.  They were happy that I was with them.  When I hear from them, they tell me they miss me.

My new location?  No.  They’re not happy I’m there.  They could care less if I disappeared tomorrow.  They are young, for the most part, and clearly never realized that cliques have no place outside of high school. The job itself is not great enough to overcome this mind numbing hassle.  The pay sure as hell isn’t worth it.  And it’s become painfully obvious that I won’t get full time anytime soon.

So… onward I go.

Today I interviewed with a staffing agency that wishes to place me with a local company.  My test scores blew them away.

“So, even if you did data entry non-stop all day, they’re usually looking for 6000 kph.  With your 10… well , we’ll just say 11,000 kph, I think you’re well beyond that.  Your Excel scores are solid.  Now, the listening score…   You are number 56.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means out of the thousands of people I have given this test, only 55 of them before you have ever had a score above a 90%.  You missed one question.  Only four people have gotten a 100%, and you were one question away from being number 5.  That’s just amazing.”

If I get this job I’ll be full time, I’ll get 3 bucks more an hour, and it’ll be steady Monday through Friday.  It’ll be midnights, so I’ll be working Friday night, but I’m really ok with that.

I’m feeling pretty good about life.


I posted this conversation a couple years ago on facebook.  Some friends of mine only recently found it and thought it was hilarious.   I had forgotten about it.  So I’m resharing it here.  Enjoy.


So every now and then I will be minding my own business when I suddenly get IMed by a name I don’t know.  Sometimes it’s someone that knows me.  Sometimes it’s a pornbot trolling for a webpage.  The answer I receive to “Who’re you” usually immediately tells me what I’m dealing with.   Today… I decided to have some fun when I realized the stranger IMing me was pornbot.


angelxmandyxx3: heyyy

darthbitch: Who’re you?

angelxmandyxx3: heyyy… 22.f here just sittin around bored as usualll

angelxmandyxx3: it sucks how there’s never anyone on here anymore so i just figured i’d im u and see if u wanted to talk… ya busy??

darthbitch: Yes.  I’m about to go kill and defeather a chicken.

angelxmandyxx3: i always like talking to new ppl it was a lot easier but anyways whatchu doin????

darthbitch: I’m dangling upside down by my toes, pretending to be a bat.

angelxmandyxx3: ah cool i’m sooooo bored!!!!!!! lols

angelxmandyxx3: well i was going 2 get on my webcam 4 a lil bit wanna cumm watch??

darthbitch: I would rather eat broken glass for breakfast.

angelxmandyxx3: yay!!! i joined this amazing site a while back that’s kinda like an ‘adult” f-book it’s so much fun!!

angelxmandyxx3: you do have to signup but it’s only to keep out the little kidz so we can have sum real funn

darthbitch: I hope your digital owners see this, realize how much they suck, and then blow their brains out as they roll their car into a ditch.

angelxmandyxx3: its really simple aand it’s like our own private chat where you can tell me what to do ;)

angelxmandyxx3: alright here (webpage link edited out because I said so)  ya just click that “Join Free’ on the top of my profile there… see it???

darthbitch: No. I do not.  Because I am not looking.  I’m too busy thinking of the joy of pouring acid over your server circuits.

angelxmandyxx3: good u just make ure account and then u can cum join and that’s it

angelxmandyxx3: ya the cc does NOT get charged a single penny.. it actually says it right there on the page too

darthbitch: Ohhhh you’re a lieing bot too!  Bad bot! Bad!  No compressed air for you!

angelxmandyxx3: if you have any trouble let me know nd i’ll try nd help u through it but hurrry up tho i’m gettin lonely waiting for you

darthbitch: Your programmers are total dumbasses.  A ten year old could’ve created a better conversation.

angelxmandyxx3: you in yet hun?? when u get ure name just go back to my page so we can get started!!!

darthbitch: Wow.  Even the bots are such whores they don’t know if he’s “in yet.”

Best Friends

Most women have a friend they’ve known since they were children.  Someone that they are close to, even when life puts physical distance between them.  It’s a special bond that women develop with each other.  They can talk for hours on the phone or over coffee.  No topic is taboo or over-sharing.

I never really got that.   Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I never wanted a friendship like that.  It’s just never worked quite worked out.

Some of it is my tendency to move frequently.  In my thirty-seven years of life, I’ve moved about forty times.  It’s hard to develop, grow, and maintain a close friendship when you’re suddenly miles and miles away.  Or your phone number keeps changing.

Some of it is that I get along better with males than females, generally speaking.  I’m crass, loud, and aggressive.  These are generally traits that most women avoid dealing with.  While there are plenty of other women out there like me, sometimes it’s possible to be too much alike.

Some of it had to do with the people in my life at the time.  As a child my mother seemed to seek out reasons to dislike any friend of mine that I got too close to.   Perhaps she was jealous that I was developing a bond with someone other than her.  After all, I was her child.  Therefore shouldn’t she be the one I trusted most?  But it’s hard to trust someone with your innermost secrets when they hurt you in other ways.    I also had a number of jealous significant others who made a point to isolate me from my friends and family as much as possible.  Eventually I would get out of those situations, but not before the damage had been done.

I have a friend now that I call my best friend.  I know I can tell him nearly anything.  We don’t judge each other.  We were apart for seven years and when I came back, he cried.  I cried too.  Unfortunately we don’t get to see each other very often because of our so very different work schedules.  I’m afraid to text or call for fear of waking him up, since he works midnight shifts.

Another friend of mine I can share anything with.  She’s beautiful.  However, I can’t really call her a best friend.  She already has one of those.  They have a closeness I can only admire and envy.

I have another friend that I made through work.  He’s a newer friend, relatively speaking.   We haven’t reached that “share anything” phase, but maybe someday.  I know I already know more about him in less than two years than some who have worked with him for over five years.   I think I feel a closeness to him because we have a very similar sense of humor, outlook on life, and strained (understatement) relationships with certain key people in our lives.   There’s also something to be said for having people in your life who you can swap insults with or tell to go fuck themselves and neither will get offended.

I’m not sure where I was going with this.   I guess what it boils down to is while I often long for that stereotypical friendship where we can call each other any time of day or night and say “My soul hurts.  Please just tell me everything will be alright,”  the friendships I do have are still pretty damn awesome.

I wouldn’t trade any of them for all the chocolate in the world.  And that’s saying something.

Coffin nails

So I decided to give up smoking.

Let’s be honest.  I didn’t really decide it.  It was more of a forced situation.  We got a shit ton of snow which made it dangerous to drive.  The temperatures are dangerously cold.  I neither wanted to drive to buy another pack or stand outside to inhale my world’s slowest suicide.  The boyfriend refuses to let me smoke in the house, even though I pay half the rent.

Anyway, so I’m on my fourth day without a cigarette and I’m actually doing fairly well now.   The first two days I was something closer to that evil thing you see in your nightmares.  I wanted to punch puppies, punt kick kittens, and stab anyone who looked at me funny right between the eyes with a number 2 pencil.  I was sorta prepared for this.  I knew as the addiction withdrawal played shuffleboard with my system, my emotions would be on an even keel that hovered around Perma-Pissed.

However, what I was not prepared for was what came afterwards.  I expected the coughing as my lungs started to purge and work on healing.  I expected the urge to cram things in my mouth to deal with the oral fixation.

Get your minds out of the gutter.  Perverts.

What I was not expecting was my utter and complete lack of control of my emotional state once the anger part wore off.  Oh I’m still easily annoyed as fuck.  I’m also inclined to start weeping like a small child every time I see something that’s just a bit emotional.  A video of a 9 year old girl singing opera?  Totally.  A feelsy smooshy cartoon about friends?  Fuck yeah.

It’s completely ridiculous.  Especially since I’m one of those women that just absolutely hates to cry.  It messes up my makeup, gives me a headache, and leaves my face feeling puffy for hours.  Who needs that shit?

For the love of whatever deity you hold dear, will someone please tell me this crap ends soon?

Attention Holiday Shoppers…

The “Don’t be a douche canoe” light is blinking!

As we go into yet another holiday season, many wonder how they can make the most of their interactions with sales associates and customer service reps.   Well, let me tell you.

#1:  Don’t be a fucktard.   Now when I say this, I’m sure many are going “Who?  Me?  I am NOT!  I just expect quality service and I have the right to demand it!”   Well yes, you do have that right I suppose.  However, if you’re going to demand it while treating the people who are trying to give you this quality service like second class citizens, you can expect second class service.  While you have the right to demand quality service, we have the right to demand to be treated like human beings.

Speaking a someone who works with the public on a daily basis, I can easily express this.  If a customer responds to my greeting with a smile and an upbeat attitude, I will gladly help them.  In fact, I want to help them.  They made my day a little nicer by being a nice person to me, so it’s only fair I try and make their experience in my store a nice one too.  However, if my greeting is met with snark and an all around surly attitude, I really don’t want to give that person crap. I just want them to get the hell out of my store so their little black cloud goes with them.  These people are a drain on everyone around them.

Personally, I believe anyone who comes to a Customer Service desk and throws their purchase on the counter like a petulant child should be responded to with having said item thrown right back at them and told to return when they can treat people decently.  That person behind the counter did not sell that thing to you.  They did not sneak into your house in the middle of the night and break it.  There’s a pretty good chance they’ve never even laid eyes on you before.  So why the hells are you taking your anger at your malfunctioning hookah coffee maker out on them?

Honestly, we just want to do our jobs and go home to our families just like you.

So, again…   Don’t be a Fucktard.