Hypocrisy is so last week.

I hate hypocrites.  I really do.  Two faced, back stabbing, whatever is ok for me but not you.   It basically boils down to dishonesty.  Grr

My awesomely kind, caring, and generous boyfriend stopped by my work to lend me some money so I wouldn’t run out of gas before I get paid.  When he got there I just put my hand over his.  Now, mind you, I’d do the same with just anyone I’m fond of.   Yes, he’s special, but I’m by nature a touchy feely sort and like to put a hand on the person I’m talking to if I’m particularly fond of them as a friend or whatever.  The exceptions to this are the ones that have explicitly expressed wishes to NOT be touched or if I really don’t know them well enough to know how they feel about it.

Now, because he IS special, and I was extremely happy to see him, I did lean over the counter and give him a peck… twice.  No tongue or prolonged contact going on.  Hells, I’ve gotten similar kisses from family.  Nooooot a big deal.  Right?  Right.

My boss then comes out after he leaves and tells me “No PDA at the counter.  It’s not professional.”

I just say ok (I want to keep the job until I find a new one at least), apologize and go on about my business.  Meanwhile my brain is SCREAMING!  Royal Darth Bitch epic level hissy fits going on inside my skull.

The guy who was training me for audit spent the first half of his shift nodding off at the desk.  The second half sleeping on the couch.  And the one day I was already suppose to be there two hours by myself (after less than a week of training, when most people get at least two weeks) he turns around and bails out on me an hour early.  So I was left alone for three hours.   This is professional?

During my night audit shifts I’m being told I need to clean bathrooms, mop floors, and stock coolers… but I have to wear business casual clothes.   This is professional?

Throughout my shift this very same manager makes crude comments about the guests checking in.  About how they must be in a hurry to go “get some.”  He made jokes about obnoxious drunk that wouldn’t leave me alone, and how I was supposedly going to go party with the cretin.  This is professional?

I feel like I missed some important announcement in the world of professionalism as to what is and what is not acceptable.


And how do YOU feel about this?