Monthly Archives: May 2012

Interestingly enough…

Someone sent my birth mother the link to this blog.  I’m not sure who it was.  I only have a vague idea of a handful of possibilities.

Either way.  It doesn’t matter now.

I knew it would eventually come to this.  I had hopes it would take longer.  I should’ve known crazy would find me sooner than later.

Relax.  It’s not anything dramatic.   I just installed an IP blocker.

Had you worried for a second, didn’t I?

She should know better than to instigate crap over a medium that her opposition knows WAY more about than she does.   I hope she likes the “Access denied” page she gets the next time she decides to try inflict her hate spewing insanity on me.

Self Depreciation

We all know at least one.  That person that has a self esteem so low it might as well be in a basement.  They make comments about how everyone is better looking, smarter, funnier, etc.  And, most folks want to throttle that very person because what everyone ELSE sees is most definitely not what that person sees in their self.  And it doesn’t seem to matter what you say or do or anything.  They do not see it.  They will not see it.

No, I am not bagging on introverts.  It is possible to be introverted and still have some degree of self-confidence.  While many of these self-haters are introverted, not all introverts hate themselves.

I seem to draw this particular brand of person.  Why?  No idea.  Some say it’s my outgoing personality.  My extroversion and how I blatantly will say whatever the hell is on my mind without caring what others think.  Others have stated it’s because I’m too nice.  They see someone that cares about their friends and instantly warm up to that.

No matter what the cause, I still want to smack someone.

Do I care less about these people because of their self hatred?  No.  I just want to bitch-slap them until they stop that self loathing bullcrap.   I know being humble is supposedly good for you.  But there’s a line when humbleness becomes something else.  And that something else is definitely NOT good for you.